New Product 2015

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge RI instruments

Calibrator / Counter / Transmitter / Logger

Redundancy Community Based Early Warning System / Disaster Mitigation

Marvelous tool to monitor scour and sediment

Video of Installation

TWSI Innovative Precision Scour Monitoring System

Scour Dynamic Graph On Jhuoshuei River in Taiwan (2014.06.01-2014.06.09)


 Flash Flood

Digital Wire Extensometer


Float Operated Level transducer

Water Resource


1.  Soil Infiltration Monitoring Probe

2.  Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

3.  Smart Monitoring Multilayer Transducer of Water

4.  Multiple Rain delay Monitoring Panel

5.  Smart Weir type Flow-meter

6.  Digital Wire Extensometer

7.  Flooding alert station

8.  Precision real time Scour Monitoring system for the bridge

9.  Precision real time Scour Monitoring system for the riverbed

10.  Smart Data Logger for Precision real time Scour 
  Monitoring system

11.  Precision real time Scour Monitoring Multilayer

12.  Digital Wire Extensometer( type II)

13.  Digital Float operated Level Transducer

14.  Petroleum Leak Monitor System

15.  Smart Sludge Blanket Level Detector

16.  Smart Weir type Flow-meter

17.  Water Pollution real time Monitor

Our Company

Taiwan Water & Soil Instrumentation, Inc. (TWSI) has devoted in designing and manufacturing instruments in water measurement, water resource management and environmental monitoring system since 1979.

TWSI have set up over 70% of water resource management projects in Taiwan, which including data loggers, level and flow transmitters, RF telemetry, on-line water quality monitoring system etc.

All products of TWSI were designed to be user-friendly, easy installation, and high precision. Meanwhile, TWSI keeps on developing innovative products for improvement on environmental protection instruments in addition to those granted patents in USA, UK, Japan, China & Taiwan.

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